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EVOLVE Physical Therapy

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Medicare Beneficiaries

What about Medicare?

Currently, EVOLVE Physical Therapy is not a Medicare Provider for private PT treatment.  So, federal law generally prevents the ability to provide Medicare patients with what would be considered “normally covered services”, even in a cash-based model.   If you definitely want to utilize your covered Medicare benefits, EVOLVE cannot provide treatment but we will refer to another excellent Medicare provider in the area.   This issue is complex however there are some restricted exceptions.  Please call EVOLVE before making an appointment if you are a Medicare beneficiary as we would be happy to discuss options with you.

Can I attend group classes if I am a Medicare beneficiary?

Absolutely!  Please join us to promote your wellness in a group fitness setting Door County Fitness Studio in Sister Bay.

Will you accept Medicare insurance in the future?

Contracting with Medicare insurance may be a possibility EVOLVE will explore in the future.  Your input is highly valuable as this decision is considered.  If you would like to be informed if EVOLVE begins accepting Medicare, please subscribe to the mailing list below.  This will ensure you will be among the first to know.  


Please send  EVOLVE any comments or requests regarding Medicare here.

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