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EVOLVE Physical Therapy

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Medicare Beneficiaries

Do you accept Medicare?

Yes, EVOLVE is a participating provider for Medicare insurance (if Medicare is primary).  Medicare replacement plans are currently not accepted.  Please call with questions.

What do I need to bring with me?

Please bring Medicare and secondary insurance card (if applicable) to initial appointment.

What are the rates if I have Medicare insurance?

Rates are subject to standard Medicare billing practices, deductibles and applicable  secondary insurance.  EVOLVE will submit bill directly to insurance for you.  If you reach the end of covered benefits or elect a non-covered service, then regular cash-based rates will apply as listed on rates page.  

Can I attend group classes if I am a Medicare beneficiary?

Absolutely!  Please join us to promote your wellness in a group fitness setting Door County Fitness Studio in Sister Bay.  Classes are not a covered service by Medicare but affordable class packages are offered for purchase.

Can Medicare be billed for the Titleist Performance Institute golf program?

No, the TPI program is cash-based payment only as it not considered a covered service for insurance purposes.

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