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Restore.  Thrive.  EVOLVE.

Physical Therapy made simple.  

EVOLVE Physical Therapy is an independently owned and operated practice located in Door County, WI.  EVOLVE provides outpatient physical therapy services in an outpatient studio or in your home.  Services focus on orthopedic and musculoskeletal health issues.


EVOLVE is a direct access, cash-based practice with all services provided by a licensed physical therapist.  You do not need a referral/prescription from your doctor (special exclusions apply) and the cost is uncomplicated and transparent.  This is especially meaningful now in the ever changing healthcare world.  EVOLVE is unique as it provides affordable ease of access in a collaborative environment to meet your individual needs. 

The EVOLVE model ensures you will always be one-on-one with the same physical therapist for the entire course of your treatment.  This consistency in care will result in more successful treatment and provide the results you want in a timely manner.   By closely monitoring your progress, your recovery stays on track by addressing issues or concerns quickly.  EVOLVE Physical Therapy provides a compassionate personal environment to help you relax and focus on your body’s recovery.


EVOLVE is direct pricing. Direct access to care. Direct recovery.


EVOLVE’s goals are to educate you, empower you, guide you to achieve your goals, recover function, restore your body, thrive each day and EVOLVE to an exceptional life.  Let us make a difference.  Restore.  Thrive.  EVOLVE.

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